Me Against The Internet: Day 6

Friday, October 18th, 2013.

Last day of the “Adha” feast vacation. I did some college work in the morning, but also played since the work was done on MS Word, and also because I could not continue due to missing information. Last night, I have not used WhatsApp. I read a chapter of “Thinner” then went to sleep.

I woke up with two very different songs playing in my head. Back in the Twitter days, I would post such stuff under the hashtag #NowPlayingInMyHead. . . But now I don’t have to! You can still listen to these songs here because as you might have (or might have not) noticed, I don’t like to leave my posts dry.

[KoRn song from the new album The Paradigm Shift]

[An Islamic religious praise song (mowash’ah). . . I am not really sure how else to explain that, but there exists non-religious mowash’ahat (plural of mowash’ah) as well.]

Music aside, I have noticed that I’ve been having less and less notifications on Facebook. I think it’s because I am not doing much, and therefore people don’t have much to do back. I am only maintaining a few private messages with people I really want to talk to.

It feels liberating.

I read a bit after lunch (I should note that we have lunch in the evening here), then came back to the last bit of vacation I can have. Hey, I was gonna work but the information decided to go vague all of a sudden. Blame the information.

Tomorrow is the last time you will see me documenting my progress in this long journey. As a wise guy I know said, I am in the second stage of transformation; which is reality shock after taking action (i.e. I am so bored with all this new time I’ve got on my hands!). The first was the desire to change (Been there! Done that!), and the last will be normalizing my life and being more productive; which will not happen if I keep anticipating and looking for it.

~ Lessons learned today:

  • Social networking websites only take over your life if you allow them to.
  • Relief is key to a better life. Do the things that make you feel better.
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