Me Against The Internet: Day 5

Thursday, October 17th, 2013.

Yesterday, the day was getting long and I had not noticed the time was still early when I published my post. Even though I watched a movie, I was in bed by midnight, It took me some time to sleep, though. Okay, I used WhatsApp a bit, I confess. I still woke up fresh in the morning.

Today, I felt a noticeable lack of desire to constantly check the Internet. I think that deactivating my Twitter account yesterday helped a lot. Gee, I didn’t know it was that much of an influence. I have decided to concentrate my Facebook usage to twice daily as opposed to the previous “along the day” habit, though I failed to apply this today. It will work better when I am back to college.

Those two times would be:

  1. In the morning before I go out to college or go about my day.
  2. In the evening or at night when I’ll chat with people; preferably – but not exclusively – after I’m done with studying or working.

I did study for a while today, which was not free from Internet checking. I am still feeling the need to see whether people have sent me messages or replied to things I said. But I did however make an awesome accomplishment; I went to visit some relatives without having the phone on me since I knew I wasn’t going to need it.

Someone sent me this video, which I had shared before when I was talking about social networking, but I thought I’d share it again because it’s quite innovative and it was part of the spark for this here campaign.

My contributions to Facebook today were just as follows: one quote about freedom of belief (a basic right we are struggling to regain in Egypt), one shared status about standard relationships in Egypt, and my sister‘s post about vending machines in Osaka, Japan. I don’t usually share all her posts on Facebook, to avoid making her feel uncomfortable. But I actually want to pelt the world with them.

As you might have noticed (or not), my posts about this quest are getting shorter every day. It’s not that I have nothing to say, but I don’t want to sound redundant.

Things are becoming more stable now, and I have decided to enjoy my last two days of vacation in peace. Saturday should be a revolutionary beginning to the supposedly new and improved era of my life. One can only hope.

~ Lessons learned today:

  • Days feel longer when you both get off the Internet and sleep early, which causes better work and more productivity. (Like I didn’t know that before!)

Believe it or not, I learned near to nothing else today!

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