Me Against The Internet: Day 4

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013.

I thought it was Day 5 already. Ugh, how long can a week be, anyways?

Not that I expect you to be following, but today is the fourth day of my quest towards a more responsible usage of the Internet. So far, I have been able to reduce my excessive “liking” and “sharing” on Facebook. And guess what? I deactivated my Twitter account! Why do I need “followers” if I am not doing something useful anyways? What are they fans of? And no, they were not reading my blog as far as I’m concerned. I’ll stick to Facebook only for social networking from now on.

Why would I need a new account, Twitter? Oh, for goodness’ sake now! I will not fall into the temptation for the next 720 hours. How difficult can that be?

I did a tiny bit of studying in the afternoon, but I couldn’t do much because I work better under pressure (i.e. weekdays). I also watched some TV, and regretted it miserably. As for my Facebook usage, I am not going into detail about every post I made, but I’ll have you know they have become something around five posts per day, as opposed to twenty or something on a regular day in the past. I am mostly sticking to words, as opposed to pictures. No need to post every cat, car, or shoe that I like. It just spams other people’s walls, you know?

I did, however, share this one picture of Johnny Depp. A friend of mine had shared it, and I noticed that he always looks the same. I added a little sarcastic comment about Egyptians always claiming that Egyptian singer Amr Diab never gets old.

Let’s not dwell on the fact that I thought it was Bono at first glance. . . Must be the glasses or something!

But that’s beside the point. I am not obsessing over “giving” on the Internet anymore, so this means that only half of the deal is done. So far, I am not “giving” much but I am not “receiving” anything either.

My original plan was to get useful information almost daily, either out of the Internet or instead of using it (i.e. from books). This has yet to be worked on.

~ Lessons learned today:

  • The Internet is really addictive, and quitters do suffer from withdrawal symptoms. (Without the bit where I writhe and twitch on the floor, mind you.)
  • Watching TV should never be an alternative to help you “quit” your Internet addiction, or any addiction for that matter. At least you can control what you are exposed to on the Internet.
  • The subconscious can only be fought for so long. Deep down, you already know what you want to do, and doing it usually feels more gratifying than anything else.
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