Me Against The Internet: Day 3

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013.

Today is the first day of the four-day Islamic “Adha” feast, which is very widely celebrated in Egypt since the majority of the people are Muslims. It is not uncommon to see slaughtered sheep, bulls, and sometimes even camels in the street on that day, but that’s not what this post is about.

In my Internet battling quest, today was fairly good. I only used Facebook in the morning to talk to one person. I went on an errand and a visit to relatives, and I only used their Wi-Fi briefly to activate WhatsApp for an important ongoing matter.

At home, I checked Twitter and found just how boring it had become. I still feel compelled to tweet from time to time, but everything is under control. I may even be able to delete my account soon. I only posted one tweet about the football match (soccer, y’all American folks) going on between Egypt and Ghana, which I knew we would lose embarrassingly. We did; 6-1. I also posted a video on Facebook because I liked its creative idea, and a little post making fun of people talking about the match like it was a matter of life and death.

Other than that, I am reserving Facebook solely for chatting, with a few exceptions of likes and shares (and playing “Kitchen Scramble” just because!). I am happy with the progress, but I also feel it’s quite slow. I am still wasting my time.

You see, the Internet is not the only problem, but it was the major one. But once a procrastinator always a procrastinator, I guess. I intend, however, to make use of the next couple of days’ mandatory “stay at home” state to study and look some extra material up.

As for tonight, I may watch a movie or something. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

~ Lessons learned today:

  • Slow progress is better than no progress. (Unless you a have a deadline, in which case you better get up and do something!)
  • I am not as lacking of discipline as I claimed to be yesterday.
  • Silence is platinum. (Not a fan of gold, sorry.)
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