Me Against The Internet: Day 2

Monday, October 14th, 2013.

I am still going on with my quest to make better use of the Internet. I am not going to pelt you with this every day; just the first week.

Yesterday was a relatively successful change, though I spent many hours on the Internet at night. However, I was only chatting with a few people and only played one Facebook game. I made a post on Facebook in the end of the night, talking about my progress. I then read a bit in bed instead of browsing from my cellphone.

Yep, I just hid my real name! And don’t mind the profile picture; it’s from 2009. . .

In the morning, I fought myself and lost, and then I checked Facebook. I just responded to one message and cleared my notifications without real interest in seeing them. I then turned Wi-Fi off and left the battery to charge in peace.

I seriously considered deactivating my goodreads account, but later decided not to (and the option doesn’t seem to be available anyways). Why do people need to know everything I’ve read, I’m reading, or planning to read? I’ve always felt that many people use goodreads just to gloat about how many books they have read. It also tickles my obsession to classify everything, which is stressful. I’m glad I wasn’t deep into it in the first place.

I had the chance to stay at home all day, but I chose to go out with my parents instead. No Wi-Fi there, and the phone’s data plan hasn’t been working well as of lately anyways. I was reading in the car, and I reflected on how stressful it is not being able to complain about things online. Then again, do people really need to know about each and every thing that makes me tick? Do I really need to do this, or am I just used to it?

While outside, I only used my phone to send one important text message and to keep brief notes of my day. There is so much more to see when you’re looking with both eyes; as opposed to “just looking up” from your screen. It also makes parents happy. I saw a 4×4 Rubik’s cube and a yellow/brown T-Rex model.

I finally gave in and tried to log in to the Internet as we sat in a café, but my data plan had other plans. WhatsApp was working though, and I used it to talk to my sister on my way home.

I was on the verge of taking a photo of the awesome chocolate fudge cake I had so I could post it on Facebook and this here blog, but then I decided against it.

When I got home, I checked Facebook again, but nothing important was happening. Duh! When was the last time anything important ever happened on Facebook anyways? I pressed “Like” on some things and kept myself from others. I also tried not to comment on all the things I wanted to comment on. I am not “suppressing” myself or anything, I am just contemplating the significance of every action before doing it, and then decide whether I should proceed or refrain.

But then something in my personal life pissed me off, and I responded by logging into my “games” Facebook account and playing “Kitchen Scramble”. You’d think a game like this would get boring after the first, I don’t know, hundred levels? But no, that’s not how it goes; ask any “Candy Crush” players to have your doubts confirmed. Wi-Fi signal was so bad, however, and I had to stick to chatting only, but they were people I wanted to chat with.

I made eggs with pastrami (which I had to buy) for lunch, and also went out for a quick visit with family. It’s much more appropriate to not stare at your phone when you are visiting people, and I feel I owe an apology to everyone I’ve ever visited with my nose stuck to the little bright screen.

As I write this post, I have the intention to pace things up tomorrow.

~ Lessons learned today:

  • I lack self discipline. (This is not new!)
  • The Internet is a distraction even when you’re offline. It’s kinda like when you can’t sleep because you are excited about a road trip, or when you are in love and looking forward to meeting your significant other.
  • The Internet is also time consuming. (Who said a 24-hour day was short? Me? I take it back!)
  • I don’t need to keep track of every single thing in my life. (Just live, damn it!)
  • I don’t need to press “Like” on everything that I happen to like, and I can most definitely live without commenting on so much stuff. (Think “make it matter” thoughts.)
  • I can live without Twitter. (I think!)
  • I am never browsing the Internet while visiting people again. (Common courtesy, but we tend to overlook it!)
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