Me Against The Internet: Day 1

Sunday, October 13th, 2013.

It was yesterday that I made my very determined post about lessening the use of the Internet in my life and making it more useful and meaningful.

I woke up at 11:00 and instantly connected my phone to Wi-Fi, but with a different attitude than my usual daily one. I had some Facebook messages to reply to, a couple of them concerning the aforementioned article. I opened Twitter and started “unfollowing” accounts like they were the plague. A bunch of people saying witty things that don’t really matter? Humor accounts, parodies, and politicians? No sir, I’ll pass! I also deleted many “favourited” tweets just for the sake of feeling cleaner. Why am I holding on to them? I decided to go on about my day and then manage Facebook in the afternoon.

I went on cleaning my bedroom while taking mental notes of all the things that needed to be given, sold, or thrown away (since I was in that “get rid of ALL the junk” mood), but the phone was still in my pocket because I was messaging my mother about lunch; which I was going to prepare. The phone was also on me because I was keeping track of my progress before I forgot my thoughts (i.e. this here post). I still checked Twitter to “unfollow” more accounts. It was making me feel more determined.

I ended up cleaning much more than my own room, and I cooked lunch. I do that a lot, but today I was putting all my concentration on the task at hand. I only checked Facebook a couple of times to talk to my sister.

It looked better in real, I swear. It must be the crappy front camera’s effect or something.

After lunch, I washed the dishes (at least as much as the water allowed me to), then went to the bathroom. As I sat on the throne, I reached into my pocket for the phone and it wasn’t there. I panicked, then laughed at myself. Do I really need the Internet in the bathroom? From now on, I’ll make it a habit to not take the phone with me inside.

After that, I decided to study for a minimum of an hour without approaching the Internet at all. Of course, my mind is in constant motion, and I found out that I try to form my thoughts into statuses or tweets. Why am I not capable of keeping the simplest of thoughts to myself?

The TV was on in the living room, and I could hear the news. Two or three times, my instinct told me to tweet about this or that, but I stopped myself. After an hour, I gave in and checked Facebook real quick (I was going to take a short break anyways), then went back to work. I opened the laptop 20 minutes later and went on another “unfollow” spree, minimizing the number of my “following” accounts on Twitter to 68. That’s 42 less accounts than I had in the morning. I “unliked” many Facebook pages, and disabled my accounts on and tumblr (which I nearly never used). I felt lighter, but it would take me much more courage to quit Twitter altogether or disable my second Facebook account; which I use for games.

I opened WordPress and wondered whether I should “unfollow” some blogs as well. I did, because there are many blogs which only seemed interesting when I clicked “follow”, but something about them made me skip their posts all the time. I turned some music on, and told myself that I don’t need to post about it, or the rest of my activities for the evening.

~ Lessons learned today:

  • The Internet is time consuming. (As if we don’t all know that already!)
  • I can live without a lot of the things people are saying or sharing on the Internet.
  • I am more productive when I am not doing my work with one hand and browsing the Internet on my phone with the other. (That’s what she said?)
  • I don’t need the Internet in the bathroom. (There is no app for that!)
  • My thoughts should be as elaborate as they come, and they are not supposed to be cropped to fit some 140 character limit or to look short and fun to read.
  • People don’t need to know about every song I am listening to or every thought and comment that crosses my mind.
  • I have the right to not reply to messages or texts if I don’t want to. (I already knew and did that, but I thought I’d emphasize it again!)
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