Some Beginning’s End

“Remember every new beginning, is some beginning’s end.”
~ Welcome To Wherever You Are by Bon Jovi.

I wondered whether or not I should share this with the public, since I don’t usually make very personal posts on my blog. But deep down, I knew I wanted to, so I did.

Yesterday, I was the only person in the world (not statistically proven, but most probably true) who was parting from her sister after twenty two years of inseparability, only tarnished by a collective month or less.

Twenty two years ago, I was born and my sister was five. I was an all-new diaper-wetting puke-projecting machine while she was reading and writing at school. I know she was not my biggest – or even smallest – fan back then. When I was about three or four years of age, I would hit her and go cry to mum, but she was patient with me. There was even this one time when I wanted to poke her eye with an olive crayon. . . Don’t ask! I even gave her any food that I dropped on the floor (with good intentions, I swear) because mum didn’t allow me to eat it, but my sister seemed to get away with it because she was “old”.

The age difference faded as we grew older. I think our true friendship started when I was around five. We had a shared imagination and created worlds together.

When I was seven, she was only twelve, but she disinfected a wound on my finger after I cut myself with scissors while doing some lame homework. When I was fourteen and she was nineteen, I attended her graduation party and I was super excited. Five years later, she attended mine. I must admit that it wasn’t as exciting; at least for me.

Now, I’m twenty two and I am in my final year of university, studying Automotive Engineering. She’s twenty seven and she left for Japan to pursue her career.

All my selfish sadness aside, I am so happy for her. I am excited about her going out there and reaching for her dreams; earning her rights in this world. I am not going to make this a sad post about missing her, but rather a happy one because of the endless possibilities before her.

I am proud of her; my little big sister!

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