Just A Little Medical Update. . .

Yesterday I resumed my adventure at the Otolaryngologist’s. In medical terms, I have a Haemangioma Cyst in my left nostril, but in simple people English, I can tell you that I have a lump filled with blood in my nose. Anyways, they scheduled my surgery on Saturday under general anesthesia; which means there is a slight chance you’ll never hear from me again (yes, some people die because of that). But I am not really worried; I’ve had an operation with the same Otolaryngologist when I was 9, and things are cool.

After the medical visit, I went to a coffee shop with my mother and ordered a cheesecake. You’d expect a slice of cheesecake, but this was what I got. . .

Behold! I only ate about one third of what is hopefully not the last cheesecake I'll see in my life. . . (April 12th, 2012)

See you soon, WordPress and world! ♥

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