Me Against The Internet: Day 7 (Last)

Saturday, October 19th, 2013.

Today concludes my week long documentation of my quest for a less-quantity-more-quality usage of the Internet. I must say, that journey has been quite successful.

I woke up at 06:15 upon hearing the first alarm out of six, which is quite new to me. I’m not sure if I can attribute better sleep and increased vitality to less Internet usage. I only checked Facebook briefly from my phone and didn’t open the laptop, which resulted in me having a free thirty minutes or so. I even had the chance to read a few pages before going out. I didn’t check the Internet at college at all, but I left my data plan working for WhatsApp, in case someone in college needed to contact me urgently (some people don’t send SMS).

I got on the laptop after lunch to work on a report, but missing information forced me to stop again! Now I am going to divide my time between some fun and some writing for my blog (and maybe some research if I feel like it).

This journey is to be documented no more. It is now to become part of my life, and only by no longer thinking of this will I be able to achieve it.

I would like to thank all those who supported my cause and didn’t ridicule me. You all know who you are. Thanks, guys and gals, and I hope to see you improving your lives soon. Believe me, it feels great.

~ Important achievements:

  • Getting rid of, tumblr, goodreads, and Twitter.
  • Sharing less content on Facebook, leading to people seeing meaningful things when they open my profile page; as opposed to random shoes and cats (which are still cool, by the way!).
  • Better concentration and a regained ability to express self in long coherent sentences (maybe not this one?), thus a better capability of writing.
  • Peace of mind. . . and the rest is yet to come.

~ Links to recap:

~ Bonus comic:

I thought it was funny to stumble upon such a comic while on this particular quest.

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Me Against The Internet: Day 6

Friday, October 18th, 2013.

Last day of the “Adha” feast vacation. I did some college work in the morning, but also played since the work was done on MS Word, and also because I could not continue due to missing information. Last night, I have not used WhatsApp. I read a chapter of “Thinner” then went to sleep.

I woke up with two very different songs playing in my head. Back in the Twitter days, I would post such stuff under the hashtag #NowPlayingInMyHead. . . But now I don’t have to! You can still listen to these songs here because as you might have (or might have not) noticed, I don’t like to leave my posts dry.

[KoRn song from the new album The Paradigm Shift]

[An Islamic religious praise song (mowash’ah). . . I am not really sure how else to explain that, but there exists non-religious mowash’ahat (plural of mowash’ah) as well.]

Music aside, I have noticed that I’ve been having less and less notifications on Facebook. I think it’s because I am not doing much, and therefore people don’t have much to do back. I am only maintaining a few private messages with people I really want to talk to.

It feels liberating.

I read a bit after lunch (I should note that we have lunch in the evening here), then came back to the last bit of vacation I can have. Hey, I was gonna work but the information decided to go vague all of a sudden. Blame the information.

Tomorrow is the last time you will see me documenting my progress in this long journey. As a wise guy I know said, I am in the second stage of transformation; which is reality shock after taking action (i.e. I am so bored with all this new time I’ve got on my hands!). The first was the desire to change (Been there! Done that!), and the last will be normalizing my life and being more productive; which will not happen if I keep anticipating and looking for it.

~ Lessons learned today:

  • Social networking websites only take over your life if you allow them to.
  • Relief is key to a better life. Do the things that make you feel better.
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Me Against The Internet: Day 5

Thursday, October 17th, 2013.

Yesterday, the day was getting long and I had not noticed the time was still early when I published my post. Even though I watched a movie, I was in bed by midnight, It took me some time to sleep, though. Okay, I used WhatsApp a bit, I confess. I still woke up fresh in the morning.

Today, I felt a noticeable lack of desire to constantly check the Internet. I think that deactivating my Twitter account yesterday helped a lot. Gee, I didn’t know it was that much of an influence. I have decided to concentrate my Facebook usage to twice daily as opposed to the previous “along the day” habit, though I failed to apply this today. It will work better when I am back to college.

Those two times would be:

  1. In the morning before I go out to college or go about my day.
  2. In the evening or at night when I’ll chat with people; preferably – but not exclusively – after I’m done with studying or working.

I did study for a while today, which was not free from Internet checking. I am still feeling the need to see whether people have sent me messages or replied to things I said. But I did however make an awesome accomplishment; I went to visit some relatives without having the phone on me since I knew I wasn’t going to need it.

Someone sent me this video, which I had shared before when I was talking about social networking, but I thought I’d share it again because it’s quite innovative and it was part of the spark for this here campaign.

My contributions to Facebook today were just as follows: one quote about freedom of belief (a basic right we are struggling to regain in Egypt), one shared status about standard relationships in Egypt, and my sister‘s post about vending machines in Osaka, Japan. I don’t usually share all her posts on Facebook, to avoid making her feel uncomfortable. But I actually want to pelt the world with them.

As you might have noticed (or not), my posts about this quest are getting shorter every day. It’s not that I have nothing to say, but I don’t want to sound redundant.

Things are becoming more stable now, and I have decided to enjoy my last two days of vacation in peace. Saturday should be a revolutionary beginning to the supposedly new and improved era of my life. One can only hope.

~ Lessons learned today:

  • Days feel longer when you both get off the Internet and sleep early, which causes better work and more productivity. (Like I didn’t know that before!)

Believe it or not, I learned near to nothing else today!

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Me Against The Internet: Day 4

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013.

I thought it was Day 5 already. Ugh, how long can a week be, anyways?

Not that I expect you to be following, but today is the fourth day of my quest towards a more responsible usage of the Internet. So far, I have been able to reduce my excessive “liking” and “sharing” on Facebook. And guess what? I deactivated my Twitter account! Why do I need “followers” if I am not doing something useful anyways? What are they fans of? And no, they were not reading my blog as far as I’m concerned. I’ll stick to Facebook only for social networking from now on.

Why would I need a new account, Twitter? Oh, for goodness’ sake now! I will not fall into the temptation for the next 720 hours. How difficult can that be?

I did a tiny bit of studying in the afternoon, but I couldn’t do much because I work better under pressure (i.e. weekdays). I also watched some TV, and regretted it miserably. As for my Facebook usage, I am not going into detail about every post I made, but I’ll have you know they have become something around five posts per day, as opposed to twenty or something on a regular day in the past. I am mostly sticking to words, as opposed to pictures. No need to post every cat, car, or shoe that I like. It just spams other people’s walls, you know?

I did, however, share this one picture of Johnny Depp. A friend of mine had shared it, and I noticed that he always looks the same. I added a little sarcastic comment about Egyptians always claiming that Egyptian singer Amr Diab never gets old.

Let’s not dwell on the fact that I thought it was Bono at first glance. . . Must be the glasses or something!

But that’s beside the point. I am not obsessing over “giving” on the Internet anymore, so this means that only half of the deal is done. So far, I am not “giving” much but I am not “receiving” anything either.

My original plan was to get useful information almost daily, either out of the Internet or instead of using it (i.e. from books). This has yet to be worked on.

~ Lessons learned today:

  • The Internet is really addictive, and quitters do suffer from withdrawal symptoms. (Without the bit where I writhe and twitch on the floor, mind you.)
  • Watching TV should never be an alternative to help you “quit” your Internet addiction, or any addiction for that matter. At least you can control what you are exposed to on the Internet.
  • The subconscious can only be fought for so long. Deep down, you already know what you want to do, and doing it usually feels more gratifying than anything else.
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Me Against The Internet: Day 3

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013.

Today is the first day of the four-day Islamic “Adha” feast, which is very widely celebrated in Egypt since the majority of the people are Muslims. It is not uncommon to see slaughtered sheep, bulls, and sometimes even camels in the street on that day, but that’s not what this post is about.

In my Internet battling quest, today was fairly good. I only used Facebook in the morning to talk to one person. I went on an errand and a visit to relatives, and I only used their Wi-Fi briefly to activate WhatsApp for an important ongoing matter.

At home, I checked Twitter and found just how boring it had become. I still feel compelled to tweet from time to time, but everything is under control. I may even be able to delete my account soon. I only posted one tweet about the football match (soccer, y’all American folks) going on between Egypt and Ghana, which I knew we would lose embarrassingly. We did; 6-1. I also posted a video on Facebook because I liked its creative idea, and a little post making fun of people talking about the match like it was a matter of life and death.

Other than that, I am reserving Facebook solely for chatting, with a few exceptions of likes and shares (and playing “Kitchen Scramble” just because!). I am happy with the progress, but I also feel it’s quite slow. I am still wasting my time.

You see, the Internet is not the only problem, but it was the major one. But once a procrastinator always a procrastinator, I guess. I intend, however, to make use of the next couple of days’ mandatory “stay at home” state to study and look some extra material up.

As for tonight, I may watch a movie or something. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

~ Lessons learned today:

  • Slow progress is better than no progress. (Unless you a have a deadline, in which case you better get up and do something!)
  • I am not as lacking of discipline as I claimed to be yesterday.
  • Silence is platinum. (Not a fan of gold, sorry.)
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Me Against The Internet: Day 2

Monday, October 14th, 2013.

I am still going on with my quest to make better use of the Internet. I am not going to pelt you with this every day; just the first week.

Yesterday was a relatively successful change, though I spent many hours on the Internet at night. However, I was only chatting with a few people and only played one Facebook game. I made a post on Facebook in the end of the night, talking about my progress. I then read a bit in bed instead of browsing from my cellphone.

Yep, I just hid my real name! And don’t mind the profile picture; it’s from 2009. . .

In the morning, I fought myself and lost, and then I checked Facebook. I just responded to one message and cleared my notifications without real interest in seeing them. I then turned Wi-Fi off and left the battery to charge in peace.

I seriously considered deactivating my goodreads account, but later decided not to (and the option doesn’t seem to be available anyways). Why do people need to know everything I’ve read, I’m reading, or planning to read? I’ve always felt that many people use goodreads just to gloat about how many books they have read. It also tickles my obsession to classify everything, which is stressful. I’m glad I wasn’t deep into it in the first place.

I had the chance to stay at home all day, but I chose to go out with my parents instead. No Wi-Fi there, and the phone’s data plan hasn’t been working well as of lately anyways. I was reading in the car, and I reflected on how stressful it is not being able to complain about things online. Then again, do people really need to know about each and every thing that makes me tick? Do I really need to do this, or am I just used to it?

While outside, I only used my phone to send one important text message and to keep brief notes of my day. There is so much more to see when you’re looking with both eyes; as opposed to “just looking up” from your screen. It also makes parents happy. I saw a 4×4 Rubik’s cube and a yellow/brown T-Rex model.

I finally gave in and tried to log in to the Internet as we sat in a café, but my data plan had other plans. WhatsApp was working though, and I used it to talk to my sister on my way home.

I was on the verge of taking a photo of the awesome chocolate fudge cake I had so I could post it on Facebook and this here blog, but then I decided against it.

When I got home, I checked Facebook again, but nothing important was happening. Duh! When was the last time anything important ever happened on Facebook anyways? I pressed “Like” on some things and kept myself from others. I also tried not to comment on all the things I wanted to comment on. I am not “suppressing” myself or anything, I am just contemplating the significance of every action before doing it, and then decide whether I should proceed or refrain.

But then something in my personal life pissed me off, and I responded by logging into my “games” Facebook account and playing “Kitchen Scramble”. You’d think a game like this would get boring after the first, I don’t know, hundred levels? But no, that’s not how it goes; ask any “Candy Crush” players to have your doubts confirmed. Wi-Fi signal was so bad, however, and I had to stick to chatting only, but they were people I wanted to chat with.

I made eggs with pastrami (which I had to buy) for lunch, and also went out for a quick visit with family. It’s much more appropriate to not stare at your phone when you are visiting people, and I feel I owe an apology to everyone I’ve ever visited with my nose stuck to the little bright screen.

As I write this post, I have the intention to pace things up tomorrow.

~ Lessons learned today:

  • I lack self discipline. (This is not new!)
  • The Internet is a distraction even when you’re offline. It’s kinda like when you can’t sleep because you are excited about a road trip, or when you are in love and looking forward to meeting your significant other.
  • The Internet is also time consuming. (Who said a 24-hour day was short? Me? I take it back!)
  • I don’t need to keep track of every single thing in my life. (Just live, damn it!)
  • I don’t need to press “Like” on everything that I happen to like, and I can most definitely live without commenting on so much stuff. (Think “make it matter” thoughts.)
  • I can live without Twitter. (I think!)
  • I am never browsing the Internet while visiting people again. (Common courtesy, but we tend to overlook it!)
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Me Against The Internet: Day 1

Sunday, October 13th, 2013.

It was yesterday that I made my very determined post about lessening the use of the Internet in my life and making it more useful and meaningful.

I woke up at 11:00 and instantly connected my phone to Wi-Fi, but with a different attitude than my usual daily one. I had some Facebook messages to reply to, a couple of them concerning the aforementioned article. I opened Twitter and started “unfollowing” accounts like they were the plague. A bunch of people saying witty things that don’t really matter? Humor accounts, parodies, and politicians? No sir, I’ll pass! I also deleted many “favourited” tweets just for the sake of feeling cleaner. Why am I holding on to them? I decided to go on about my day and then manage Facebook in the afternoon.

I went on cleaning my bedroom while taking mental notes of all the things that needed to be given, sold, or thrown away (since I was in that “get rid of ALL the junk” mood), but the phone was still in my pocket because I was messaging my mother about lunch; which I was going to prepare. The phone was also on me because I was keeping track of my progress before I forgot my thoughts (i.e. this here post). I still checked Twitter to “unfollow” more accounts. It was making me feel more determined.

I ended up cleaning much more than my own room, and I cooked lunch. I do that a lot, but today I was putting all my concentration on the task at hand. I only checked Facebook a couple of times to talk to my sister.

It looked better in real, I swear. It must be the crappy front camera’s effect or something.

After lunch, I washed the dishes (at least as much as the water allowed me to), then went to the bathroom. As I sat on the throne, I reached into my pocket for the phone and it wasn’t there. I panicked, then laughed at myself. Do I really need the Internet in the bathroom? From now on, I’ll make it a habit to not take the phone with me inside.

After that, I decided to study for a minimum of an hour without approaching the Internet at all. Of course, my mind is in constant motion, and I found out that I try to form my thoughts into statuses or tweets. Why am I not capable of keeping the simplest of thoughts to myself?

The TV was on in the living room, and I could hear the news. Two or three times, my instinct told me to tweet about this or that, but I stopped myself. After an hour, I gave in and checked Facebook real quick (I was going to take a short break anyways), then went back to work. I opened the laptop 20 minutes later and went on another “unfollow” spree, minimizing the number of my “following” accounts on Twitter to 68. That’s 42 less accounts than I had in the morning. I “unliked” many Facebook pages, and disabled my accounts on and tumblr (which I nearly never used). I felt lighter, but it would take me much more courage to quit Twitter altogether or disable my second Facebook account; which I use for games.

I opened WordPress and wondered whether I should “unfollow” some blogs as well. I did, because there are many blogs which only seemed interesting when I clicked “follow”, but something about them made me skip their posts all the time. I turned some music on, and told myself that I don’t need to post about it, or the rest of my activities for the evening.

~ Lessons learned today:

  • The Internet is time consuming. (As if we don’t all know that already!)
  • I can live without a lot of the things people are saying or sharing on the Internet.
  • I am more productive when I am not doing my work with one hand and browsing the Internet on my phone with the other. (That’s what she said?)
  • I don’t need the Internet in the bathroom. (There is no app for that!)
  • My thoughts should be as elaborate as they come, and they are not supposed to be cropped to fit some 140 character limit or to look short and fun to read.
  • People don’t need to know about every song I am listening to or every thought and comment that crosses my mind.
  • I have the right to not reply to messages or texts if I don’t want to. (I already knew and did that, but I thought I’d emphasize it again!)
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The Internet: To Quit Or Not To Quit?

My mind is not functioning as I would like for it to, and it’s the Internet’s fault. Or is it?

The Internet is a virtual object which, however smart, does not think or act on its own. It’s inanimate, and therefore may not be accused for my constant distraction. The Internet does not distract me, but I’m the one distracted by it. You see what I’m getting at?

So let me say this again. My mind is not functioning as I would like for it to, and it’s my fault. Yes it is.

I am addicted to the Internet. Or, more precisely, to the bad parts of it; the ones that consume your time and sanity (i.e. social networking, which I have talked about before).

This guy, Paul Miller, spent a year offline. I had heard about his experiment from my sister, but I had not checked it out until she shared his video on Facebook. Even then, I was reluctant – afraid? – to watch it. But I finally did, after more than ten days of that bookmark staring at me defiantly.

[I highly recommend listening to him, though it’s not absolutely vital for continuing to read the article.]

Wow! Just. . . Wow!

I can’t do as he did and quit the Internet altogether (for mostly academic purposes), but his talk made me think about many things.

What am I really doing on the Internet? Let’s check a standard college day to find out!

I wake up in the morning, and check Facebook (and sometimes Twitter) from my phone as I go about washing my face and having my breakfast. Why can’t it wait? If I have some extra time, I would even log in from the laptop for better accessibility.

But let’s face it, the only “important” thing that may have happened while I was sleeping would be a private message having to do with something urgent in college, which almost never happens except when the finals are getting closer.

I sometimes log in again while on the bus because I am bored. I may “Like” and “Share” a few posts of no significant importance. I also log in when I’m on a break, just for the hell of it; because this is what I do. Sometimes I’ll try to come up with a witty Tweet about college. Why do I have to come up with a Tweet? And why does it have to be witty?

And then I go home. I eat and study – sometimes – and then get on the laptop. Even if it’s for research purposes, I still have at least one Facebook tab opened. . . or two! Why am I not 100% concentrating on my work? I am reading something for this paper due in two days, then I hear the infamous “bloop” and switch the tab without a second thought to see someone say “Hi” in a private message. I chat about the most useless mundane things while doing my work because I think I can multitask well. But we all know that more than half of my attention has left the work the moment my brain registered that “bloop”.

A question has been gnawing restlessly at my mind for a couple of days now. Why do I need to share things online? I see a picture of a cute cat and I share it. What is the point? I am listening to a song, so I post its name on Twitter with the #NowPlaying hashtag. Who needs to know? I play a game where I have to virtually cook virtual meals for virtual people who pay virtual money in the real time of my real life. What is it good for?

I am not suggesting a total withdrawal from the Internet, but rather some serious self-discipline. It’s just that there is leisure all the time now, that there is no defined leisure time anymore. I have a vague memory of early school days, when leisure was that rewarding time of doing fun things after finishing whatever it was that you had to finish. I also have vaguer memories of leisure being many things, not just one repetitive – no matter how versatile it may get – activity that consists of sitting or lying down while staring at a glowing screen for hours on end.

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Some Beginning’s End

“Remember every new beginning, is some beginning’s end.”
~ Welcome To Wherever You Are by Bon Jovi.

I wondered whether or not I should share this with the public, since I don’t usually make very personal posts on my blog. But deep down, I knew I wanted to, so I did.

Yesterday, I was the only person in the world (not statistically proven, but most probably true) who was parting from her sister after twenty two years of inseparability, only tarnished by a collective month or less.

Twenty two years ago, I was born and my sister was five. I was an all-new diaper-wetting puke-projecting machine while she was reading and writing at school. I know she was not my biggest – or even smallest – fan back then. When I was about three or four years of age, I would hit her and go cry to mum, but she was patient with me. There was even this one time when I wanted to poke her eye with an olive crayon. . . Don’t ask! I even gave her any food that I dropped on the floor (with good intentions, I swear) because mum didn’t allow me to eat it, but my sister seemed to get away with it because she was “old”.

The age difference faded as we grew older. I think our true friendship started when I was around five. We had a shared imagination and created worlds together.

When I was seven, she was only twelve, but she disinfected a wound on my finger after I cut myself with scissors while doing some lame homework. When I was fourteen and she was nineteen, I attended her graduation party and I was super excited. Five years later, she attended mine. I must admit that it wasn’t as exciting; at least for me.

Now, I’m twenty two and I am in my final year of university, studying Automotive Engineering. She’s twenty seven and she left for Japan to pursue her career.

All my selfish sadness aside, I am so happy for her. I am excited about her going out there and reaching for her dreams; earning her rights in this world. I am not going to make this a sad post about missing her, but rather a happy one because of the endless possibilities before her.

I am proud of her; my little big sister!

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مذكرات لن تكتمل: رحلة إلى القاهرة

(وجدت هذه المذكرات الناقصة في بعض الكراكيب، و قد حرصت على نقلها كما كُتِبت بما فيها من خلط للفصحى و العامية بالإضافة إلى بعض الأخطاء اللغوية غير الإملائية و بعض الكلام الذي قد لا يعني لك أي شيء، و ذلك رغبة مني في الحفاظ على أكبر قدر ممكن من المشاعر التي وضعتها فيها يوم كتابتي لها!)


اليوم الأول ١٧ سبتمبر ٢٠١٠

مش كل حاجة في الدنيا بتطلع زي ما بنتمنى، و لا حتى زي ما بنتخيل. . . بس الجيش بيقول إتصرّف!

انطلقنا من الإسكندرية في الساعة الثامنة و ٢٨ دقيقة صباحاً، و لم يكن على الطريق أي إثارة إلا بقعة من الزيت أدت إلى تأخير المرور و صورة واحدة للسحب التقطتها بسرعة.

عندما وصلنا إلى القاهرة، احتواني شعور غريب و رائع؛ إنها القاهرة! تاريخ و حضارة و الكثير من الصور. و لكن يوجد شعور آخر دائماً ما ينتابني في هذه المدينة حتى عندما زرتها في رحلات: خنقة! أعلم جيداً أن سبب هذا الشعور هو عدم وجود البحر في المدينة، فعلى الرغم من أن منزلي بالإسكندرية لا يطل على البحر إلا أنه يُوجِد شعور داخلي لا إرادي بالطمائنينة: البحر موجود!

على العموم، و صلنا و سلّمنا و غيرنا و أكلنا و لعبنا كوتشينا و نزلنا نشتري حاجات و رِجعنا و لعبنا كوتشينة تاني (مش عيب على فكرة ولا حرام طالما مافيش قمار!) و استحميت بعد منتصف الليل بنصف ساعة و دخلت إلى السرير.

طوال اليوم، انتابني شعور بالحزن لأن القاهرة رائعة و جميلة و لكن لا أعلم؛ كيف أخذها معي؟ بالصور؟ أكيد الصور لها دور كبير لكن يوجد “روح” للمكان لا يمكن لألف صورة أن تسجلها.

و لكن عندما خلدت إلى الفراش و النور مطفي (و قلعت النضارة يعني ضلمة من مجاميعه!) شعرت بصفاء غريب! لقد عرفت كيف آخذ القاهرة معي! إن كانت الكاميرا أو الورقة و القلم لن تحتوي روح القاهرة، فلا بد من روح لاحتواء تلك الروح؛ سوف أحتوي روح القاهرة داخل روحي.

اليوم الثاني ١٨ سبتمبر ٢٠١٠

على الرغم من ضبطي لمنبه ليوقظني في تمام الساعة الثامنة، و على الرغم من خوفي الشديد من التأخر في النوم، إلا أنني وجدت نفسي في كامل نشاطي مع سبعة دقات قادمة من الساعة خارج الغرفة.

كانت ثاني لحظة صفاء عندما فتحت النوافذ و دخل النور، و رأيت الشجر في وجهي و دخل الهواء النظيف! ياااااااه! كانت فين دي من زمان؟! الواحد كان تعبان قبل كده!

و لولا أننا ضيوف، لكنت أخذت كرسي و منضدة إلى الخارج و قضيت اليوم كله في تلك الشرفة؛ إفطار و قراءة و كتابة و غذاء و لعب و ربما أيضاً نوم. و إن كان على النمل الكبير إللي بيجي من الجنينة، حانرش مبيد كتير!

كانت سعادتي غامرة عندما ذهبت مع والدي إلى ورشة تصليح السيارات و رأينا مواتير سيارات شاهين و ١٢٨ بالإضافة إلى موتور سيارتنا الجيب. و اكتشفت أن  صنايعية السيارات ألطف بكثير من بتوع الخشب و البلاط و الدهان!

اليوم الثالت ١٩ سبتمبر ٢٠١٠

النوم في الظلام!

من أحد أشكال معارضة الإنسان لطبيعته النوم بجانب مصباح صغير. لقد خُلق الإنسان في جسده نظام للنوم عندما يغلق عيونه تظلم الدنيا لينام، يقوم هو عنداً في النظام  بنوّر النور؟!

نمت حوالي خمسة ساعات و نصف الساعة و استيقظت في السادسة صباحاً. ما زال لدي اقتناع شديد بأن من يستيقظ في المعادي القديمة ليس له الحق أن يحزن أو يمرض. *

أعتقد بأنني وجدت بيت النمل المتوحش و هو ليس من الحديقة فقط. . . قد أرشه الليلة لأنني لا أضمن ألا يهاجمني النمل هذه المرّة.


* = كان المقصود هنا مجازاً طبعاً، و من حق أي شخص أن يحزن أو يمرض.


(بعض الصور من الأيام المذكورة)

اليوم الأول: صورة واحدة للسحب التقطتها بسرعة.

اليوم الثاني: كانت ثاني لحظة صفاء عندما فتحت النوافذ و دخل النور، و رأيت الشجر في وجهي و دخل الهواء النظيف!

اليوم الثاني: سحابة على شكل حصان، لم ألحظها إلا بعد التقاط الصورة.

اليوم الثالث: كوبري قصر النيل.

اليوم الثالث: برج القاهرة.

اليوم الثالث: حديقة نسيت اسمها، تُرى من كوبري قصر النيل، وف الخلفية كوبري ٦ أكتوبر و مبنى ماسبيرو.

(بعض الصور من اليوم الرابع)

اليوم الرابع: منزل رائع لا أعلم مالكه.

اليوم الرابع: سور نهر النيل.

اليوم الرابع: نهر النيل العظيم.

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